Child Education Planner

Providing for children’s education is a major goal for most people and a big mistake they make is that they start late.
Getting the right education is the stepping stone to your child’s dreams. Good education is expensive and the costs will only continue to rise.
But will you let money come in the way of their dreams? Especially when all it takes is a little planning from your end.

I take pride in helping parents like you to ensure a bright future for your child. Every child is unique and so are their planning needs.

I can help you…

  • Determine approximately how much money you will need for your child’s dream education and how much you need to save regularly.
  • Work out the shorfall (if any).
  • Selection of the appropriate investment instrument to achieve your goal more efficiently.
  • Execution of plan to optimise the resources.
  • Monitor and  review the investment  portfolio regularly to make sure it stays on track.